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Welcome to our website. Let me start by giving you a brief history of "Kissed with Fire". I traveled a lot when working for State Farm Insurance. One of my service areas was New Mexico. I spent at least one week a month working in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Farmington, Las Cruces, or even Roswell. This went on for about 12 years. The state offers a broad spectrum of spectacular scenery and friendly people , but the food is amazing. It was here that I discovered the green chili. Oh My God!!.They put it on everything, and everything tastes better because of it. I started making salsa with it. It was awesome ! I started bringing home 30 lb sacks of roasted chilies during chili season. Soon friends were ordering more and more, and before I knew it, I was out at the farmers markets, selling salsa. Since then, we now offer burritos, dips, soups and stews, and a whole catering setup, but my first love is still the salsa. We entered the Salsa Challenge, and came in 3rd place 3 years ago,and we are very proud to be the current winner of the New Times Best of Phoenix in the salsa category. That was extremely cool.                   

Right now, we sell our products at the Roadrunner Part Farmers Market on Saturday morning. This is the oldest, year around market in the valley. We were just voted "Best produce" in all the valley markets, and the vendors there have some amazing products. Please come by and visit with us. Most of the food vendors have samples, and it is a pleasant way to shop. We are still on winter hours ( from 8am till 1pm) but will soon be returning to summer hours ( 7am till noon). This market is located on the south end of Roadrunner Park at 36th St. and Cactus.

I am also the cook at the American Legion Post #105. This is the kitchen I use when making my salsa and burros, and I have taken it over for the second time. I serve lunch and dinner Wednesday thru Friday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. If you are up on this end of the valley while I'm there, please stop in, say hi, and get something to eat. You can also get my salsa and other products there if you run out before the market on Saturday. Please come on by and try us out. It is a members only club, but if you are a veteran, or your parent or grandparent was in the service, or if you are in the service or related or married to someone who is, you are eligible.  Give me a call if you are interested, and I will buy you a beer.                                  

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